Degree Programs

The UT Southwestern School of Health Professions offers prospective students programs leading to Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Clinical Research, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Master of Clinical Nutrition, Master of Physician Assistant Studies, Master of Prosthetics-Orthotics, and Master of Radiation Therapy:

Program Degree of Certificate
Applied Clinical Research Ph.D.
Clinical Nutrition M.C.N.
Physical Therapy D.P.T.
Physician Assistant Studies M.P.A.S.
Prosthetics-Orthotics M.P.O.
Radiation Therapy M.R.T.

Each program is under the jurisdiction of the appropriate UT Southwestern School of Health Professions Department Chair or Program Director. Subject to approval of the Dean, each program has the responsibility to select applicants for admission, to evaluate the academic progress of students, to recommend which students will be regarded as candidates for degrees, and to administer all other aspects of the program.

Each Health Professions program welcomes inquiries about the academic program, including information about admissions or employment opportunities.

For more detailed information regarding programs of the UT Southwestern School of Health Professions, call or write:

Applied Clinical Research

214-648-1780; Email; ZIP code: 75390-8878

Clinical Nutrition

214-648-1520; Email; ZIP code: 75390-8877

Physical Therapy

214-648-1551; Email; ZIP code: 75390-8876

Physician Assistant Studies

214-648-1701; Email; ZIP code: 75390-9090


214-648-1580; Email; ZIP code: 75390-9091

Radiation Therapy

214-648-1512; Email; ZIP code: 75390-9082

Office of the Dean

214-648-1500; Email; ZIP code: 75390-9082

Inquiries can be sent by email to addresses listed above, or letters should be addressed to the individual program at

UT Southwestern School of Health Professions

UT Southwestern Medical Center

5323 Harry Hines Blvd.

Dallas, TX (ZIP codes above)